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You’ve probably already heard of manifesting – the art of living intentionally to bring your dreams, goals, and greatest desires into a tangible reality.

Believe it or not, manifestation is something that we are constantly doing… all day, every day. If we look at it at a basic level, everything we experience is manifested for us, from the shoes we wear to the car we drive, it’s all been a process of manifestation. Your life so far, to a certain extent, was manifested by you.

The idea of manifesting became mainstream around 2006 when Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret became an international sensation. That film copped a bit of flack from reviewers for its simplistic message, but it certainly got people’s attention. What’s not to like? Positive thinking = dreams to reality? How easy is that?!

We’ve probably all cottoned on to this idea at some point, and tried our hand at manifesting certain desires – more money, a dream home, a new job, a new car, a great relationship…

But does manifesting ever actually work?

Search “how to manifest” in Google and you’ll probably get the same sort of surface-level advice:

Get a manifestation journal and write in it daily

Let go of your limiting beliefs

Maintain a positive mindset and use positive affirmations

Cultivate positive emotions and stay away from negative feelings

Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong, these are important and valid points – but in reality, the law of attraction and manifestation goes so much deeper than that.

And you know what? The difference between people and what they get or don’t get is their awareness and skill level.

What I mean by that is – in order to manifest things more specifically, we first need to upgrade ourselves.

For example, think about training for a sport and what that may entail. Turning up to practice regularly, repeated drills on specific parts of your game, and so on…. You need to turn up consistently in order to get better.

Manifesting is very much like that.

We need to develop ourselves as humans and change internally first. We need to ‘train’, so to speak, to become the person we want to be first, and then our external environment changes.

This is your key to getting exactly what you want, consistently.

So are you ready to create the kind of life you’ve been dreaming of?

Here are the 5 things you can start doing right now, to achieve your goals.

1. Learn to direct your thoughts

As human beings, our thoughts are constantly sending out a stream of energy. For example – right now I’m injecting my attention and energy into writing this post.

Simply put, our thoughts are what create our reality. So the better you get at directing your thoughts, the more successful you’ll be in obtaining anything you desire.

Easier said than done, right?

With the rise of social media and endless scrolling, our manifesting ability is really taking a hit. We’re being trained to consume smaller and smaller pieces of information – social media companies do it to keep us engaged and interacting. Unfortunately, this comes as a detriment to truly taking control of our lives.

So how do we practice holding our attention?

The most beneficial practice is, yes, you guessed it – meditation.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not just the act of removing all thoughts from the mind and being “Zen”… it’s mostly the practice of energy direction. When we practice directing energy with our minds, that’s when we can start to truly take responsibility of ourselves.

If you’re new to meditation a simple and easy way of doing this is to sit down and focus on your breath. Notice your breath in, and your breath out. Try to stay focused and try not to let your mind wander. Set a timer for maybe 5-10 mins to start with, and just see how you go.

Focusing on your breathing helps you practise holding your attention on something for a prolonged amount of time.

If we want to manifest something, we need the ability to concentrate, stay focused, and direct our energy to that goal.

Continue this meditation practise by doing 10 minutes a day, at the same time each day. Morning, midday, or night – it doesn’t matter. Consistency is key. Create a routine that works for you, and accept that this might be part of your life until you get where you’re wanting to go. You’ll probably find that even when you get there, you won’t want to give this practice up.

2. Learn to create clear mental images

Have you ever wondered why you have some crazy dreams sometimes? That’s your subconscious mind speaking to your self-conscious mind, and most of the time you’ll write it off as just a really strange dream.

The subconscious mind communicates to us via images. If we intend to manifest something, we must be able to send clear mental images back to our subconscious. Our subconcious takes these images and plants them – much like a garden. If those images are continually watered, they will eventually blossom into a beautiful flower…. or maybe even a Porsche, beachside holiday home… you get the idea!

Now, the difference between manifesting a brand new $200,000 Porsche or a used 1990 Toyota Camry is all in the detail. You must be specific. What does colour is the car’s interior? What does the stitching look like on the steering wheel? Does the steering wheel have a badge on it? Clean and clear imagery is crucial – it’s the difference between a handbag from Gucci or one from Target. They’ll both do the job, but the details are super important!

So… visualisation – how can we improve this skill?

There’s an exercise I’ve come across which I’ve found to be really helpful… and it starts with a regular old apple.

Get an apple out of your fridge and study the detail…

… Put the apple back, then sit down and focus your mind. Imagine your target… in this case, it’s the apple. Imagine what that apple looks like, what colour is it? Red? Green? Or is it mixed? In your mind, imagine yourself reaching out and grabbing that apple. How does it feel? Does it have wax on it? Does it still have its stem?

Now imagine cutting that apple in half… what does the core look like? How many seeds does it have inside?

Continue to play with the image of the apple in your mind for 5 minutes. Try and inject as much detail into that apple as possible. The key is to hold the detail for longer and longer periods of time. Continue this practise and you’ll soon find the apple, from the minds perspective, is just as real as the seat you’re sitting on.

Develop this skill and you’re well on your way to manifesting easier and faster.

3. Increase your energy

When manifesting, you have to understand that YOU are the channel. YOU are the creative power drawing that object to you, through you.

I like to explain it this way – picture a very large room with lanterns situated around the place. Some are roaring bright with huge flames, others are average and some are barely lit at all. The viewpoint around the bright lanterns is considerably larger compared to the medium and dimly lit ones. The bright lanterns are burning more fuel, and seeing into a distance far beyond what the dim ones can see.

This example outlines opportunity and the ability to spot it. People with low energy don’t have their head up because they can’t see far – I’ve been there plenty of times myself, and its not a nice place to be. Other times, I’ve been full of energy, taking advantage of opportunities all around me. I was confident, I was in the driver’s seat, and knew where I was going.

You are the power source, and you’re providing the fuel to the goal you’re trying to manifest.

So far you’ve taken your goal, learned to focus on it, learned to create it in great detail inside your mind and you’ve planted it like a seed inside your subsconcious mind.

And now its time to water it…. with your energy.

Every day is going to be different, some days you’re not going to feel like “manifesting your dreams”, but if we work on balancing out our energy we can become at least fine or good most days. If were fine or good, we at least have the energy to sit down and do our practices if they’re important to us.

So coming back to the lantern analogy – how do we increase our flame? How will we shine our light? Well, this mainly comes down to behaviour, and for many this is very hard.

The key is becoming aware of what is giving us energy, and what is taking our energy.

We are electromagnetic beings and each of us has a charge, so in order to manifest things we need more energy – we need to increase our electromagnetic charge.

How do we increase our electromagnetic charge then? (Hang on… what is electromagnetism you might say? I’ll cover this in a later post!)

Diet and Sleep

The obvious ones here are diet and sleep – we “recharge” when we sleep, and when we eat live foods we absorb the charge from those foods.

If we eat too much dead food, our cells aren’t getting the charge we need. Dead or highly processed foods equal little to no charge… freshly squeezed juice from freshly picked fruits and vegetables = LIFE!

The quality of our sleep is really important (and another huge topic to cover later on), but in short – don’t neglect this vital component to your health and wellbeing.

Sexual Behaviour

This will probably be one of my least popular points – but a really important factor to mention – is the huge drain our sexual behaviour can have on our electromagnetic charge.

I’ll put it this way – when we have a stronger electromagnetic charge, we are more attractive to others. People pick up on this up subconciously, and are drawn to us. It’s the same with “things” or “goals” – the stronger our charge, the easier we can attract them.

When we engage in sexual practices, we release energy via orgasm. Male or female, the electromagnetic/energetic release depletes both sexes the same, but males become physically depleted as well.

I won’t recommend anything here, but in short be aware of how you feel before and after sexual practices. Try abstaining from sex and masturbation for a few weeks or even months and feel the difference.


Lastly, it’s a good idea to become aware of the people you’re interacting with day-to-day. You’ll probably already notice some are giving of energy, some are neutral and some take your energy.

Do your best to stay away from the drama-filled people and you’ll find you have more energy at the end of the day. Energy vampires are real, and negativity is contagious. Shy away from people who make you dwell on negative thoughts.

And if you yourself are having a particular issue with negative thoughts, think about why you’re having them. Everyone is different, but the best way to take power away from negative thoughts is to cultivate the good ones.

Negative thoughts are like weeds in a garden – they grow regardless, but if you continue to pull them out while watering the flowers, you’ll have a beautiful garden before you know it. Sure, the weeds will continue to grow every now and then – they’re just part of life – but you can keep pulling them out.

Remember – be aware of your day-to-day behaviours. Be mindful of your diet, sleeping patterns, sexual behaviour, and your peers.

4. Vibration and a Positive Mindset

The Latin derivative for the word emotion, emotere, literally means “energy in motion”. When energy moves within us, it produces a feeling, and that feeling dependent of vibration, dictates how we feel.

With the blessing of being born on Earth, so too comes unfortunate experiences that result in trauma and emotional damage. Something very few of us are able to avoid…

Traumas can come from anywhere – from accidents, being bullied at school, relationship break-ups, physical or emotional abuse – to name just a few examples.

When we have these experiences and don’t allow them to process completely, they get stuck inside of the emotional body and become ‘trapped’ emotions. And when our emotional body is filled with these trapped emotions, our energy becomes blocked and in some cases stagnant. This can cause anxiety and depression in a lot of people.

You can imagine if we have a lot of trapped emotions that are low in frequency, it would bring our overall vibration down considerably. And when we have a low vibration, it means it’s not only hard for us to move physically, it’s hard to move other physical things, like attracting those goals!

A heavy topic (and a lot of be discussed in future posts), but what can we do about this right now?

Here are a few things to look at –

·      Breathing technicques to help remove trapped emotions and increase your vibration – this TedTalk from Max Strom is really worth watching.

·      Affirmations are a great way to get you into a positive mindset. Pick one or two to focus on for a few weeks. Take note if they stir a feeling or energy inside you. If so keep them, if not try another one

·      Put up a vision board. Essentially this is putting up images that stir something in you. These can be goals or past achievements, but normally these are images of what you’re trying to manifest in your life. This helps shift your vibration.

·      You can go one step further on the affirmations or vision board and create whats called a “Mind Movie”. A mind movie is essentially a movie you create that makes you feel good, and has images of what you are trying to achieve or manifest.

Mind Movies help you create personalised manifesting videos to help remove subconscious blocks – take the subconscious block quiz.

5. Limiting Beliefs and an Abundance Mindset

And last but not least, belief.

For me, this comes down to doing the homework. Read, read, read, read and read some more.

Read as much as you can on the subject of manifesting. The more you absorb, the more you’re saying, “I believe in this… there’s so much evidence to this, I just know for a fact this is the way the universe and world works”. With that sort of belief, you will have no issues carving time out of your day to improve your skills, upgrade yourself, and get manifesting!

Once you realise what’s required of you in the manifestation process, you can get to work and enjoy the journey. Not only are you working to attract the life of your dreams, you’re working to become a better person – and that might even be a better prize than that holiday or car.


Learning how to manifest things is far more than simply dreaming about new car or new home… It’s about developing yourself and becoming better.

So do yourself a favour and build a good base. The skills I’ve outlined above are going to enrich your life in so many different ways. You will have heightend awareness, your communication will improve, and you’ll probably find you are a much happier person than you were before.

How about this? Why not start with something small this week, like manifesting a free coffee or maybe an extra $20. It might not seem like much, but learning to manifest the smaller things will help you in a far greater way – reprogramming your subconscious to believe you can do this!

Once you achieve those small wins, you’ll effectively be molding your subconscious mind to believe what I expect will manifest, will manifest.

Need a hand with all the above?

If you’re interested in a tool to help you with some of the action points above, check out Mind Movies.

Mind Movies is a powerhouse in the Law of Attraction space. So much so, that every person that attends a Joe Dispenza retreat gets a copy of this software and is instructed to make a mind move.

Think of it as a moving vision board you are immersed into. I’ve been using this software since 2014, it may have dated a bit but it works!

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