pemf waveforms

Researching PEMF devices for purchase can be confusing due to the variety of PEMF waveforms they can operate with.

Not only do you need to understand Intensity and Frequency, but you also need to understand all the different waveforms that PEMF devices operate with.

In this post, we’re going to get into some detail on some of the more common ones.

What is a PEMF Waveform?

PEMF waveform put in simple terms is the shape of the signal that a PEMF device emits.

Different PEMF waveforms are used for therapeutic purposes, such as reducing pain, promoting healing, improving circulation, and stimulating cells. This type of therapy may be delivered in the form of a mat, pad, or device that has electrodes that deliver the pulsed electromagnetic fields to the body.

PEMF waveforms can be used to address both physical and mental issues as they can impact brain chemistry and influence overall health.

While doing your PEMF research you will most likely come across many different waveforms, some may include square, sinus or sawtooth.

Different companies claim each type of waveform has its strengths and weaknesses and can be used to target specific health issues.

How many variations of PEMF Waveforms are there?

The four main types of waveforms used in PEMF therapy are square, sinus, trapezoidal, and sawtooth.

There are claims that each waveform has unique properties that make it beneficial for particular ailments.

Square Waveform

Square waveforms are short but strong bursts of energy which some companies claim can be useful in bone healing or increasing circulation in the body parts being treated.

Sinus Waveform

Sinus waves have an undulating pattern which some companies claim helps to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote tissue regeneration. This is also the most common waveform found in nature.

Sawtooth Waveform

Sawtooth waveforms are longer lasting, providing a sustained release of energy over time which some companies claim may be beneficial for conditions that require long-term stimulation.

Trapezoidal Waveform

Trapezoidal waveforms provide a wider range of frequencies which some companies claim can help to target specific parts of the body more precisely.

Triangle Waveform

Triangular waveform uses a gradual increase and then a gradual decrease in intensity.

Conclusion – What does the science say?

Studies have demonstrated that PEMF therapy can reduce inflammation, promote tissue healing and regeneration, improve sleep quality, and even help with depression and anxiety.

Though in regards to the Waveform specifically, most studies or research have not noted the particular waveform used.

So with the majority of studies showing a positive result in findings and/or having therapeutic benefit, we can only conclude that the waveform is not the most important piece of criteria to base the purchase of a PEMF device.

So what factors should you be looking at if not waveform?

The PEMF frequency is something important to take into consideration, as different frequencies can be used to target different outcomes or ailments.

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