What Is The Silva Method? Unlocking the Power of Manifestation

Unlock the power of manifestation - what is the silva method

Are you feeling a bit stagnated in life and looking for a way to shake things up and make progress towards your goals? 

If so, you might consider unlocking the power of manifestation with The Silva Method.

This powerful technique is designed to help take your intentions and start living that life you’ve always dreamed of. Through this simple system, you can start transforming even the most daunting goals into achievable outcomes—and set yourself on a journey of fulfilment unlike anything else.

So if manifesting your desired future is something you’ve been wanting to do for some time, then keep reading as we explore how The Silva Method can lead you there!

What is The Silva Method and What Does it Do?

The Silva Method is a form of self-development that combines relaxation techniques, guided visualization and goal setting. 

It was developed by Jose Silva in the 1960s and has been used by millions of people around the world to improve their lives. This method is based on the belief that anyone can reach their highest potential through proper use of the power of their mind. 

The Silva Method involves a series of exercises that help to reduce stress, heighten concentration and focus, increase creativity, and develop better problem-solving skills.

One of the key components of The Silva Method is learning how to access an altered state of consciousness. This is done through a guided meditation which helps participants relax both physically and mentally. During this process, you are taught how to enter into a meditative state by focusing on your breathing and allowing thoughts to pass without judgement or attachment. Once in this relaxed state, students learn how to visualize success as if it is already happening in the present moment; this helps them create powerful intentions for future goals.

The Silva Method also teaches participants how to use affirmations as part of their visualizations; these positive affirmations help reinforce successful outcomes and reprogram one’s subconscious mind for success. 

Additionally, participants are also taught various techniques such as autosuggestion (which involves repeating positive statements about oneself) and changing their brainwaves to enter flow states (alpha) or to find solutions to their problems (delta).

Overall, The Silva Method offers an effective way for individuals to reach their highest potential by using the power of their minds. Through its combination of relaxation techniques, guided visualization and goal-setting strategies it helps empower individuals with greater self-awareness and abilities for personal growth.

What Are the Benefits of Unlocking the Power of Manifestation?

The power of manifestation is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to transform your life. By unlocking the power of manifestation, you can tap into the energy of the Universe and attract whatever it is that you desire into your life. 

Manifestation allows you to create a reality that aligns with your true purpose and highest goals.

One of the main benefits of unlocking the power of manifestation is its ability to help you achieve success quicker. When you focus on what it is that you want, rather than worrying about how you are going to get it, you open up a space for the Universe to provide it for you.

Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how something will come into your life, this system teaches you how to create your target and then surrender to your desired outcome, this is greatly beneficial as part of the manifestation process, and perhaps the most important part is trust. 

Trust that the universe is delivering your desired outcome and it’s more likely to show up.

Manifestation also helps shift our mindset from one full of fear and doubt to one full of possibility and faith. Rather than looking at a situation as insurmountable or hopeless, we start seeing our desires as achievable and within reach. This shift in mindset helps us become more creative in our approaches and solutions – which leads us to try different paths that could potentially lead us closer towards our desired outcome.

Finally, unlocking the power of manifestation can have positive effects throughout all areas of life: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. When we’re constantly in tune with what we desire most in life, our lives become filled with more love, abundance, joy and positivity – allowing us to connect more deeply with ourselves and live a more fulfilled life overall.

How to use The Silva Method to Manifest Your Desired Future

The Silva Mind Control Method begins with entering a meditative or Alpha state, which is a state of deep relaxation while remaining fully conscious. This state allows for the mind to be open to positive suggestions, making it an effective tool for programming the mind with empowering thoughts.

Once you’ve entered into the alpha state via a series of exercises which include closing your eyes in a specific way and counting downwards, this is where the magic happens.

This is the state where you program your mind for your desired outcome via visualisation and affirmations.

Once you’ve spent time visualising your goal and programming your mind with positive affirmations you exit the alpha state back into the beta state via a simple count of 1 – 5.

You’ll need to keep in mind that your goals should be believeable for you. If you set something too outlandish your mind will automatically reject the new programming and doubt will set in. Make sure to start with something believeable and build confidence.

Tips on Getting the Most Out of The Silva Method Experience

The Silva Method experience is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. It can help you uncover hidden potential, access your inner wisdom, and develop greater clarity in your life. Here are some tips to get the most out of this rewarding experience:

First, pick a modality. The Silva Mind Control Method can be accessed through an online teacher or platform. If readings your preference you can find a link to the book on Amazon below.

The Silva Mind Control Method on Amazon
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Course recommendation

The Silva Family asked Vishan Lakhiani from Mind Valley to become the official spokesperson for the program a while back after Jose Silvas passing.

Mind Valley has created an online system called “The Silva Ultramind System”. This is an app-based course that comes complete with videos, audio and done-for-you meditations that include binaural beats. 

Check out “The Silva Ultramind System” here.

Screenshot from Mind Valleys Silve Method System
Screenshot from the Mind Valley "Silva Ultramind System" via their app.

Second, make yourself available to practice often and consistently. 

Regular practice is essential if you want to truly benefit from the Silva Method experience. 

Practising often allows you to become more familiar with the exercises and tools offered through the method so that they become second nature and easier for you to apply when needed.

Third, keep an open mind as you explore new concepts and ideas presented during each session. 

The Silva Method is more than just a manifestation system, it goes much deeper than that. 

You may experience behavioural changes or sudden realisations that challenge your traditional way of thinking about various areas of life.

Fourth, don’t forget to reflect on what you have learned during each session. 

Consider having a journal where you jot notes or record ideas that come to you because of this training. 

What you might find is an increased ability to daydream creatively. Ideas may suddenly come to you and develop over the space of a few minutes, I experience this from time to time and things can quickly come and go. Have an app or something where you keep your thoughts, maybe even a little book if that works better for you.

Finally, dont give up. I found it hard going in the beginning with the alpha brainwave state training, it felt a bit tedious. 

I trained myself via the book method, its not unachievable to learn via the book, thousands of people have found success training themselves in book form, though if you are looking for a bit of a leg up and it can fit inside your budget, consider going the Mind Valley Silva Ultramind System route.

The Silva Mind Control Method Book

What is Mind Valley and what do they have to do with The Silva Method?

After the passing of Jose Silva in 1999, his family continued his legacy and taught the program. 

Recently, Jose Silva’s daughter Diana approached Vishan from Mind Valley and asked him to be the new face of the Silva MethodIn response, Mind Valley created The Silva Ultramind System — a very well put together mental training system that still has the same teachings, but is delivered in an easy-to-manage way on the Mind Valley platform.

Mind Valley is an online education platform that offers courses, programs and resources related to personal growth and well-being. Founded in 2012, Mind Valley provides users with a wide range of options from meditation to nutrition, mindfulness to holistic healing, and career planning to entrepreneurship. All of this is designed to help people become their best selves. 

At the same time, Mind Valley also offers support services such as coaching and mentorship programs. This allows users to get personalized advice on how they can reach their goals and develop into better versions of themselves. 


The Silva Method is an amazing mental training system that has been around for decades and continues to be relevant today. Mind Valley’s adaptation of the program, The Silva Ultramind System, makes it easier than ever before to access these teachings from anywhere in the world.

If you want to learn more about how to manifest your desires and create the future you’ve always dreamed of, then check out The Silva Method course from Mind Valley. This transformational program has helped thousands of people around the world achieve their goals and live their best lives. 

And it can help you too. 


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